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The Northwood Crank Pullers

We are an all-volunteer snowmobile club that maintains the recreational snowmobile trails in Northwood NH. Northwood Crank Pullers is a non profit snowmobile club that was chartered in 1973. We have grown to a membership of 200+ with 59 miles of trails. We work closely with the generous landowners along our trail system to help keep the area trails open for everyone. Please respect the land that you ride on to keep the trails open.
Officers & Board of Directors

Our Team

The Northwood Crank Pullers depends on all its volunteers. Below is a list of NCP Officers and Board of Directors.

Greg Bane


John Rogier


Marge Johnson


Fred Bassett


Dave Best

Member at Large

Don McMurchy

Trail Master

Dan Kerivan

Trail Adminstrator