Snowmobile Trail Conditions in Northwood NH

As of today January  26st 2020 Northwood Snowmobile trails are still closed.


 A min base of 8 inches over a solid surface for a group of days is generally required, before any of the locked gates are opened.  Please respect the closing.  Remember…Happy Land Owners equals Happy Snowmobiling Life.  Sometimes wearing your Pajamas inside out at night helps to get the snow to fall sooner.



Snowmobile Trailer Day Parking in Northwood.

1.    Northwood Meadows State Park on Rte 4 in Northwood.   Metal Orange painted snowmobile gate entrance is located West of the paved parking area approx. 10 yards. 

2. In the Field across from Lake Shore Farm Inn where we hold our events on Jenness Pond Road , Northwood.  Look for Trail parking sign, and plowed grass area.

3.  New as of January 2020,  Snowmobile Trailer parking at Johnsons Seafood and Steak Rest and Brewery in Northwood,  Please park in the paved,plowed, lighted asphalt Parking lot in the far West corner.  Web site link


Trail Notes, Warnings, Updates will be listed below.

  1. At Johnsons Seafood and Steak Rest and  Brewery. [Please stay away from the Beer Hopps Growing poles in the field. ]  They are as of Jan 18th 2020 fenced off with orange snow fence, also avoid the fixed obstacles located in this area, currently also marked with orange traffic cones.
  2. 1/23/2020…Trail Section closing announcenment.    We temp closed a section of corridor 17 from the rail trail in Raymond (corridor 6) to Pawtuckaway  state park. The reason for the closure is.  Eversource is doing two major updates to their transmission lines. They have to plow the trail to access the sites and with the equipment and trucks it is just to dangerous. Please obey this closure, if not Eversource will close it down permanently as they are the owners of the land and grant us permission.  This is not an easement it is owned  outright by Eversource. Please check here for updates. 

Helpful Trail Links [Where does this trail go,where can we go, plan a ride]

  1. NHSA State Trail Map
  2. NHSA Snowmobile Trails 2020 Google Play store app for purchase $4.99 as of 1/23/2020